Hitting the streets of London just over 2 months ago has shown me a world of different cultures, values, customs, and beliefs. In saying that it never feels quite as diverse as home. Today is a day where I feel particularly proudly South African.

As we celebrate what would have been Nelson Mandela's 101st birthday, I really wanted to write a post on the importance of leadership in creating change and how much of an impact a different approach can actually have. 

A couple of lessons in leadership that we can take from Madiba :

  • Being a leader means more than simply showing others "how it's done" it means taking the time to allow yourself to be led too. Rather than rushing to be on the forefront of every project or discussion, take the time to step back and listen to those in your team - more often than not their thoughts and opinions hold more value than you may have thought.
  • Know who it is that you are up against and learn to talk their talk and walk their walk. By closely aligning your team's activities to those of other industry leaders you can place your team in a position where they can constantly engage with the competition and learn new techniques and skills from others in the industry. 
  • Carry yourself with an air of confidence, but never be afraid to admit you don't know something. As a leader, you can bring value to others in many ways, but it's important to remember that you won't always have the answer, and people don't expect you to. In times of doubt, lean into your team for fresh ideas, perspectives and encourage them to always use their voice.

Sometimes leadership can be difficult and uncomfortable, by appreciating and valuing the position that you have as a leader you can make use of your time and efforts to truly make a difference and impact. 

Lead for change and be extraordinary.